To help you grow by becoming data-driven, at Digital Data Doctors we strategise, engineer and translate data-driven solutions.

To achieve these goals, we offer a number of different services: we develop data-driven digital strategies; engineer the data (analytics) pipelines; and translate data (analytics) into pragmatic insights.

Developing data-driven digital strategies

We work together with you to clarify business objectives, identify existing problems and gaps, and build a strategy to bridge these.

Our extensive experience within academia and business help us think and apply critically but curiously. As such, we firstly help you by providing insight into the questions that can be answered with your data. Additionally, we make insightful the methodologies and additional data that need to be collected to answer the questions you might have. We also think about the data and modelling infrastructures and pipelines needed to implement a data-driven strategy. This way, we help you formulate your research questions and objectives, as well as the necessities to bridge the gaps towards building a solution for you.

Engineering data and analytics pipelines

We develop software to set up the necessary databases and data pipelines to access, feed and prepare your data for analysis.

We don’t just wrangle data — we use science-backed and highly specialised methods to wrangle data, build accurate statistical or machine learning models and make the results insightful. Hence, our predictions, explanations and scenarios offer deep insight into different factors and causality. As such, we can offer you reliable and robust strategies to help steer your business practices. Coding custom solutions for you from scratch, these will help you automate analytical processes and continuously provide you with such value at scale as your organisation grows. 

Translating model results into pragmatic insights

We use advanced statistical and machine learning methodologies to analyse your data, and provide interactive tools to make these results insightful and operational for you.

We use scientific and high-level methodologies to analyse your data and translate complex analytical results to pragmatic insights. Providing you with custom-made software solutions, we make these results readily available and easily understandable for a range of stakeholders and operators. This way, you can find the answers to your questions at just one glance. This helps you act on them directly and at scale as your organisation continues to grow.  

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