We work together with organisations that are looking for their next step when it comes to digital growth and data expertise.

At Digital Data Doctors, we very much value giving back to society and making the world a better place for all of us. For this reason, we work with organisations that want to focus on digital growth and data expertise. These organisations are operating in sectors such as sustainability, health, education and safety, amongst others.

We find it important for organisations of all sizes, backgrounds and sectors to have access to the exceptional skills of PhDs, which are often only exclusively available to academia or big businesses. This is where we come in: our Digital Data Doctors bring these skills to your doorstep.

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Scientific research expertise

Our `digital data doctors‘ bring a set of exceptional skills and expertise. They don’t just wrangle data, but use advanced tools and modelling to draw robust conclusions that help propel your business practices forward.

We provide highly specialised data science solutions. While data science has gained popularity, it is crucial that these solutions are accurate and robust when used to steer your business practices. We go a step further than simply making data insightful. That is, we use science-backed statistical and machine learning methodologies to wrangle your data, build (simulation) models that replicate the real world as best as possible, and present the results in a pragmatic manner. This way, we are able to understand what factors are influential and which are cause or consequence. As such, we can provide you with accurate and statistically profound predictions and explanations.

Interdisciplinary knowledge

While our `digital data doctors‘ are experts in their respective fields, they have the business acumen to apply this knowledge in practice and bridge the gaps across disciplines and backgrounds. By translating between tech and business, they know how to put customers first.

Our interdisciplinary knowledge and skills help us repurpose data and methodologies for your specific problems and questions. We view and solve problems by integrating different perspectives, not just in terms of disciplines but also in terms of stakeholder preferences.

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Big 5 in Tech experience

Our `digital data doctors’ have relevant experience in some of the world’s most renowned (tech) companies. They are experienced with on-the-ground execution, and share their capabilities with you to ensure lasting digital growth.

We have experience working in some of the largest and most prominent tech firms, including Facebook (now Meta) and Coolblue, one of The Netherlands’ largest online retailing companies. We know what it is like to work at huge scale; that is, when data contain billions of rows and decisions have an impact on people all over the world. Hence, we understand the importance of working accurately and precisely at the highest level, in communication with different teams and stakeholders.

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