We unlock your growth potential by helping you make data-informed strategic decisions.

Developing highly specialised data-driven digital strategies and building highly accurate statistical and machine learning models of the real world, we help you translate raw data into explanatory or predictive informational insights that help steer your business practices.

Scientific research expertise

Our exceptionally skilled `doctors' hold PhDs and use the most advanced and science-backed methodologies to provide you with highly accurate solutions.

Interdisciplinary knowledge

We have deep technical knowledge and skills as well as business acumen and experience to approach your problems from different but integrated perspectives.

"Big 5 in Tech" experience

The transferable skills our employees gained during work experience in some of the world's renowned (tech) organisations help them better understand the challenges you face.

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We design and build data-driven solutions, using data science for explanatory or predictive analytics.

By means of strategic envisioning, software development, statistics and machine learning, we build pipelines, models and interfaces to make your data useable and insightful.
Developing data-driven and digital strategies

Developing data-driven and digital strategies

We work together with you to clarify business objectives, identify existing problems and gaps, and build a strategy to bridge these.

Engineering databases -and analytics pipelines

Engineering databases -and analytics pipelines

We develop software to set up the necessary databases and data pipelines to access, feed and prepare your data for analysis.

Translating data (analytics) into pragmatic insights

Translating data (analytics) into pragmatic insights

We use advanced statistical and machine learning methods for data analysis, and provide custom interactive tools to make the results insightful and operational for you.

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