We are passionate about making the most out of your data to help you make more strategic and effective decisions.

To help you succeed and grow, we work with your data to give you better insights in your business operations. We firstly collect, combine and wrangle your data from different sources to obtain the information we need and make sure it is a reliable basis for making decisions upon. We then analyse these data using statistical and machine learning techniques as to make accurate forecasts and inferences about relationships between actions and outcomes. We finally translate these findings into pragmatic and tangible strategies for you to help make your business practices more focused and efficient, using interactive and real-time reporting and tooling. Some examples of what we do include segmenting and predicting client behaviour as to pro-actively match supply to demand in terms of marketing, budgeting, warehousing and account managing; computing and automating rewards structures, pricing features and auctions; and quantifying (returns to changes in) performance and strategies.

Predicting and segmenting customer behaviour

We help you understand and forecast your clientele’s demands as to match your supply as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Which client segment(s) should your marketing efforts target to increase revenue? How should you allocate your marketing budgets to different channels to optimise their efficacy? How many of which products should you stock in which of your warehouses to optimise logistics? Which clients should you target pro-actively to prevent them from churning? Which services should you supply when to match your clients’ demands? What should your materials look like to increase customer consumption and satisfaction? These are just some of the questions we help you answer, so you can optimise revenue by cutting costs and increasing turnover.

Quantifying the evaluation of performance and strategies

We help you measure returns to (changes in) strategies and performance as to understand how you’re doing and where you’re going, and as such optimise your business practices.

How is your business practice doing? Where should you be heading? How should you quantify qualitative concepts to measure their efficacy? Are your KPIs measuring what they should measure? Is your strategy effective in achieving its goals? How are your account managers performing compared to plans or previous periods? We help you answer these and many more questions so you can optimise and (re-)focus your business practices and efficiently allocate your resources to succeed.

Automating rewards structures and pricing features

We automate the calculation of rewards structures, pricing features and auction bids, so you can reduce costs and spend your time more wisely and efficiently.

How much should you pay for an ad to draw potential customers? How should you calculate performance-based bonuses for your employees? How should your products and services be priced to be competitive yet profitable? We help you save costs by calculating optimal rewards and prices, and automate the process so you can spend your time focusing on your clients instead.

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